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To Sod or to Seed?

Brin Openshaw Beautiful Landscaping Beautiful Yard Benefits of Seed Benefits of Sod Curb Appeal DIY Landscaping DIY Lawn DIY Yard DIY Yard Design Fence Daddy Grass Landscaping Lawn Seed Seeding Grass Sod Sod or Seed Transplanting Sod Yard Design Yardwork

Moving into a new house involves more than just the house itself; it involves the surrounding land as well. So, we’ve included some benefits and disadvantages of both sod and seed to help you choose the best path for your grass and, in turn, your curb appeal.  If you’re moving into a home with grass, check to see how it’s doing. If your lawn is 40% or fewer weeds, you can probably salvage it with some tender loving care. If your lawn consists of more than 40% weeds or a lot of struggling/dead grass, you might want to consider starting...

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DIY Picket Fence

Brin Openshaw Beautiful Fences Beautiful Yard Build your own fence Curb Appeal Custom Fencing DIY fence repair DIY Fencing DIY Yard DIY Yard Design Fence Daddy Fence Post Mender Fence Post Repair Fence Repair Made Easy by Fence Daddy Long-lasting Fences Picket fencing Post Hole Digger Quality Fencing wood fence post Wood fencing Yard Design

With a little extra quarantine time, you might want to take a fencing task into your own hands rather than hire someone to do it for you. With a few simple steps, you can have a beautiful picket fence of your own.  First, Sketch out your fencing area out using stakes to maker any corners and heavy-duty string between each post. Refer to our earlier post on pre-fencing checklists, where we include some other necessary steps to complete before installing a fence--it'll save you a lot of trouble later.  Find fencing panels (our build your own!) that suit the look you...

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What Fencing Material Should I Use?

Brin Openshaw DIY fence repair Fence Daddy How to repair broken fence post

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a fence, things like price, homeowner association guidelines, privacy, maintenance, and repairs, to name just a few. With such a large market with different types of fencing from chain link to wrought iron, it might be tricky to decide what seems best for you, your yard, and your family. Here we have a comprehensive list of some pros and cons for several types of fencing to give you a bit better idea of what’s out there and what you can buy.  Wood Fencing Considered the most popular fence in America,...

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How to Repair a Broken Fence Post

Ryan Blake Fence Daddy Fence Post Mender Fence Post Repair How to repair broken fence post Post Hole Digger wood fence post

Install a Fence Post that will last At Fence Daddy, we see a lot of broken fences that could have been avoided with a better post support. In most cases the post is more important than the panel.  Whether you’re building a new fence or repairing an old one, you don’t have to buy the most expensive vinyl fence panel or slats for it to last. It is possible to save money with cheap vinyl fence panels if you carefully plan and build out a solid post system.  Need help with how to repair a broken fence post? Let’s explore how...

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