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DIY Picket Fence

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With a little extra quarantine time, you might want to take a fencing task into your own hands rather than hire someone to do it for you. With a few simple steps, you can have a beautiful picket fence of your own. 

First, Sketch out your fencing area out using stakes to maker any corners and heavy-duty string between each post. Refer to our earlier post on pre-fencing checklists, where we include some other necessary steps to complete before installing a fence--it'll save you a lot of trouble later. 

Find fencing panels (our build your own!) that suit the look you have in mind. A different fence height or style can make a huge impact on the design of your yard and can tie in nicely with the feeling of your home. 

After determining the length and height of the panels, determine where you'd like gates or other features in your yard. Then dig post holes accordingly. 12 to 18 inches is usually a good depth for most fences. 

Use pressure-treated posts. Cedar is another great and sturdy option, but pressure-treated wood will last longer over time and withstand contact with the ground and other elements. 

Next, Set the posts by placing a layer of gravel inside the hole, inserting the post, and ensuring that it's level, filling the majority of the hole with concrete to secure the post, and allowing the concrete to set. Finally, fill the remainder of the hole with dirt.

Attach your paneling, using blocks, pavers, or bricks to bring your panels to the desired height. Again, make sure your panels are level, then secure with decking screws. 

Finally, add post caps (which aren't just for decoration but also protect your fence posts from weathering prematurely), stain or paint your fence with the color of your choice, and you're finished!

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