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About Us

Vinyl Fence Repair Kit Sell Sheet by Fence Daddy

Who are we? We are Fence Daddy the vinyl and wood fence repair experts! Specializing in fast, effective fence repair products that save time, money and hassle. Some folks might ask why repair a fence when you can buy new fence panels, pickets, slats, posts and rails. The answer is simply because its wastes large amounts of time to have to take apart fences and dig up fence posts to remove them. Most of us don't have the time required to order parts wait around a few weeks until they arrive in order to start one of these replacement part repair jobs. Fence repair jobs requiring replacement parts usually require the patience to figure out how to disassemble the fence and then patience and time it takes to re-install the correct parts back on.

According to Home Advisor it can cost as much as $266-$553 in our zip code 84095 to repair a vinyl fence with replacement parts. Why waste more money then you need to when vinyl fences are known to be fragile and susceptible to holes from lawn equipment and kids. Vinyl Fence can also take up unnecessary space in our landfills when they are be repaired instead. Especially when one Fence Daddy repair kit can fix multiple holes with one kit.

Having to dig up a cemented post can waste half of a Saturday and can be a real hassle to remove and discarding cemented posts which can be extremely heavy and awkward to dispose of.



            In recent decades, vinyl fencing has become a very popular fencing choice in America. Manufacturers and retailers who sell/ distribute vinyl fences typically put a life expectancy of 20-30 years on these wonderful fences. However, vinyl fences are quite brittle and all too often are susceptible to holes from kids, golf balls, lawnmowers, trimmers, etc. Many owners find that while their fence is still standing in 20-30 years, it may also be riddled with holes, which are costly to repair. Tracking down and ordering replacement parts can be a headache, and having to dis-assembly your fence (or dig up cemented posts) and re-assembled the fence with new parts can be  costly, a huge hassle and can take a large amount of time.

Furthermore broken fence parts only contribute to landfill waste problems as the quality of the vinyl is severely affected when they are re-used and recycled.  In most cases vinyl fences can be easily repaired and virtually go undetected by others. Fence Daddy allows DIY’s homeowner’s and contractor’s to fix and patch vinyl fence holes with less time, less waste, less money and less hassle than the typical vinyl fence repair and takes minutes.

Additional reasons to buy a vinyl fence repair kit!

  • Eliminate unnecessary landfill waste of vinyl fence sections

  • Maintain neighborhood property values

  • Save time, money, hassle, extra work

  • Make your fence look and act new again

The Solution
Fence Daddy has come up with a revolutionary DIY (do it yourself) Vinyl Fence Patch Kit that is UV stable in the sun, is easy to use, fixes multiple holes and can SAVE you $200-$400 hundreds of dollars from having to hire a fence contractor in parts, labor, and trip fees. The Fence Daddy vinyl fence patch kit repairs posts, slats and rails and never has to be painted or maintained.

 We hope you have enjoy what we have put together! Please leave us a review on our online blog or tell us how we can make our products better.  Please give us a try, you and your and neighbors will be glad you did!

Thank you for reading!

Fence Experts! Jan 1st 2018

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