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Have Product Questions & Comments?

 Please feel free to write us an email below.  We would love to hear from you! Your questions and comments are very important to us and we will do everything we can to respond to them as quickest manner possible. We will be in touch soon!
Emails are checked and responded to every 24 hour period so please give us adequate time to respond before sending a duplicate as this will only extend our email processing time.  For urgent matters please feel free to email us directly at  For additional information please feel free to check out the (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions section of the website for regularly asked questions and answers that might offer some insight.
Thank you again for choosing to use Fence Daddy products! Please let us know how we are doing on the survey page of the website and let us make things right with you if you think we could have done things better!
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For urgent matters 
Call support @ 1-801-830-6406

Will This Product Work For Your Unique Repair?

Email us pictures of your fence at Please send us pictures of your fence if you have a unique situation or specialty questions that need further explanation. We would be happy to provide support and offer our recommendations. Even if our repair kit won't fit your unique situation we might be able to help you find an alternatives that will work. Chances are the repair kit will fit your unique fence repair project. Just ask us. We are here to help!