Fence Daddy Frequently Asked Questions
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        Question and Answers to Frequent Fence Daddy Inquiries

        • Q. Are Clay, Adobe and Khaki the same color of Vinyl Fence Repair Kit Color?
        • A. Yes they are the same color. They are called different names by fence manufactures who sell them. Some homeowners are told different names but the color is the exact same. They are different names for the same color.
        • Q. Are Tan, and Almond the same Vinyl Fence Repair Kit color?
        • A. Yes they are are the same color. Again some fence distributors call the color different names but the colors are the exact same. They are different names for the same color.
        Available Vinyl Fence Repair Colors:Fence Daddy Vinyl Fence Patch Kit Color SwatchQ. Will this Fence Daddy Vinyl Fence Patch Kit match my fence color?
        • A. Yes! Without having to paint too! We use a Spectrum color machine to match colors to the original fence manufactured color. These Spectrum color machines are several times more accurate than the human eye at detecting color change. We color matched our colors to blend into almost all of the vinyl fence manufactured fences on the market. There could be a slight variation in color for a very small (less than 5 % percentage of vinyl fences) but for the most part will match 95% of vinyl fences.
        • Q. How long does the repair a vinyl fence with our kit ?
        • A. Depends on user but expect 15-20 minutes or less for one patch depending on the size of the hole, set up time, reading instructions ect...
        • Q. How many holes can one Fence Daddy Vinyl Fence Patch Kit fix?
        • A. One kit can repair up to three, 3 inch holes. Depending on the shape of the hole it can also patch up to one 5.5 inch hole.
        • Q. How many different colors are available?
        • A. Fence Daddy Vinyl fence Patch kit is available in 4 standard colors and will be available in 7 more colors March 2016.
        • Q. What are the most popular colors?
        • A. White is the most popular color. Followed by Tan, (AKA Almond). The Third most popular color is Clay color also called, Khaki and Adobe. Least most popular is Grey.

        White Vinyl Fence Patch Kit by Fence Daddy

        • Q. What is the shelf life?
        • A. The storage temperatures can have a lot to do with shelf life. If stored in a cool environment between (45F and 75F) degrees shelf life could potentially exceed a year. However in hot storage conditions shelf life is dramatically diminished. A typical shelf life is 6-7 months.
        • Q. What if product doesn’t perform the way it is suppose to?
        • A. Please contact us via the website and explain your situation as they are handled on case by case scenario. If the product doesn’t perform as it should and it is the manufactures defect or problem with the product a 100% money back guarantee will given to the customer. We stand behind our products and want our customers to have the peace of mind they are buying great products!
        • Q. Can I re-use the fence compound after it has been mixed with the starting solution?
        • A. No. These kits are 1 time use only.  Once the compound has been mixed with the starter it must be used immediately as it will cause the fence material to set up.
        • Q.  Can I use only one layer of Fence compound to do the repair?
        • A. You can. However we recommend that for best results to follow the instructions for use as close as possible. Instructions for use can also be downloaded on our website menu under the downloads page.
        • Q. Can I add color into the fence compound to alter the end color of the fence?
        • A. Yes but there is really no need. We do not recommend this so it will be at your own discretion. If you mix more than 2% color with the fence daddy compound it will not chemically set up. Call us or contact us if you have questions.
        • Q.  Do I have to prepare the surface with the sandpaper as it states in picture one of the directions?
        • A. YES! if you don’t do it the kit might not work as expected. It is necessary for the adhesion and to remove any weather vinyl fence that has been faded in the sun.
        • Q. I ran out of Fence Daddy Patch, Fence Compound, and Starter can it be ordered separately?
        • A. Yes it can via a specific email request through the contact us section of the website.
        • Q. Do I need to disassemble my fence before a repair
        • A. No that is the beauty of Fence Daddy you can do it while the fence is assembled. As long as you can reach the damaged area.
        • Q. Do I have to paint the fence every year?
        • A. No the Fence Daddy Vinyl Fence Patch kit doesn’t require painting and is UV stable in the sun. Although everything fades in the sun over time. The Fence Daddy Vinyl Fence Patch kit is made out of some of the most stable sun resistant materials available in the industrial industry in order to maintain its color. No painting is required.
        • Q. Will Fence Daddy work on any fence?
        • A. Fence Daddy is universal and will work with almost every fence so it is important to follow the step by step instructions for best results.
        • Q. What is fence daddy made of?
        • A. Fence Daddy is a composite material similar to what they use in the aviation industries. It is light weight, color stable and very strong. It is ideal for mending a fence because it has great weathering properties.
        • Q. How long does it take for the Fence Daddy Vinyl Fence Patch Kit to dry?
        • A. Although it takes less than 20 minutes to do a single patch it can take up to 5 hours to fully dry depending on the ambient temperatures.
        • Q. What is included in the kit?
        • A. The kits includes everything needed to get the job done right. The kit includes: 2 pairs Gloves, 4 inch plastic Spatula, Fence Compound A/B, Compound Starter A/B, 120 Sandpaper, 2 Stir-sticks, Fence Daddy Patch and Instructions for use.

        Fence Daddy Vinyl Fence Patch Kit Product Contents

        • Q. What are the applications for use?
        • A. Fence Daddy is created to repair vinyl fence holes and damage that would otherwise require fence dis-assembly and replacement of vinyl fence parts. Fence Daddy is a great alternative for: holes in cemented fence posts, holes up to 5 inches in diameter, most fence pickets, cracks and breaks, broken fence panels, holes in fence rails, and most vinyl fences.
        • Q. Will Fence Daddy Fade overtime?
        • A. Fence Daddy is UV stable and is THE best materials against the suns UV rays.


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