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Vinyl Fence Parts in Salt Lake City, UT

 Shopping for Vinyl Fence Panels in 2024?

You have many options when it comes to buying a vinyl fence.  Big box chains carry a variety of product from the world’s top manufacturers. Large fence contractors tend to carry higher quality brands.  Before you decide who to purchase a vinyl fence from, shop around and compare. 

The top things we look for are warranty, seller reputation, and PVC quality. 

Most manufacturers offer a standard 20 year protection for peeling, corrosion and abnormal discoloration.  But be aware -- makers of vinyl fence panels offer little or no protection for accidental hole or crack damage. 

Looking to replace a panel?  Save yourself the time and hassle, patch the hole instead!  Learn more about our low cost DIY Vinyl Fence Repair Kit here.


Top Vinyl Fencing Brands


Where to buy

In business since…

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CertainTeed / Bufftech

Independent Contractors


Bufftech Vinyl Fence Warranty 

Veranda / Barrette Freedom Outdoor Living

Home Depot, Lowe's


Veranda Vinyl Fence Warranty

Weatherables by USA Vinyl

Home Depot


Weatherables Vinyl Fence Warranty

Master Halco / Illusions

Independent Contractors


Illusions Vinyl Fence Warranty


Independent Contractors


Duramax Vinyly Fence Warranty

Universal Forest Products / Amarroso

Independent Contractors


Amarroso Vinyl Fence Warranty


Independent Contractors


Homeland Vinyl Fence Warranty 

WamBam Fence

Home Depot


WamBam Fence Warranty


Independent Contractors


Kroy Vinyl Fence Warranty


A warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it.  Check out the reputation of the company - online reviews and years in business.

 Vinyl Fence Advancements – What’s in the Plastic?

Introduced in the 1970’s, vinyl fencing was made from a type of PVC plastic that did not hold up to the sun, heat and humidity. Today fences contain UV inhibitors mixed into the PVC to help make it last longer. Cap stock is another new option similar to a "skin” and protects like a sunscreen when exposed to harmful UV rays. Most fencing panels contain polyethylene, which is basically any recycled plastic that comes to the manufacturer in low or high densities.  It requires a careful mixing of ingredients not just for performance, but for cost.

Making PVC is a lot like barbecue: It’s mainly about meat and heat, but each manufacturer maintains they have the best combination of core ingredients, spices, and techniques. Most will not share the exact composition because variables often change.  Uncover their secrets by comparing the warranties of their good, better, and best products.  Knowing how much more, and what extra is in there, can help you decide.

 Avoid Common Mistakes and Save Money

You don’t always have to buy the most expensive option for your fence to last. It is possible to save money with cheap vinyl fence panels using a solid post system for support.  PVC thickness is not always a true measure of strength or performance, but reinforcement is.  Get more ideas on how to cut costs without sacrificing quality here.

Looking to replace a broken panel? Before you buy, know this: 1) Two identically-sized fence sections, made by different manufacturers may not install the same way. Always inspect the panel in person before you buy.  2) You can save hundreds using our DIY Vinyl Fence Panels Repair Kit.  Our vinyl fence repair products will fix holes in just minutes. Best of all, it’s a lot easier than replacing the panel -- you won't need to dis-assemble the fence.

Man inspecting vinyl fence quality

 Vinyl Picket Fencing, Private, and Semi Private Styles For The New 2018 Year

When you think of panels, style and privacy count.  But did you know the type of panel you choose can also save you a lot of money?  Vinyl Picket Fencing is a great option if you’re on a tight budget.  A semi-private fence or shadowbox style can also deliver an adequate amount of privacy without breaking the bank.

Vinyl Picket Fencing panels can be cost effective

Fence panels are usually 4 to 6 feet high and can be up to 8 feet wide.  Not sure which style works for you?  Click here for more information on vinyl fence styles and options

Private Vinyl Fence Panels are a popular option

No matter which type of panel you purchase, know that most fence repairs can typically cost between $250-$700.  But you can avoid this expense with help from Fence Daddy.  We offer an easier, cheaper alternative with our Vinyl Fence Repair Products. Buy your kit today!