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Fence Repair Costs


The answer. It really just depends... 

There are many factors that will determine the cost of a fence repair in 2024. Materials costs do fluctuate with house prices and house prices have been increasing the end of 2017 and into 2024 material prices are expected to increase.

However the cost of fencing is based on a few things, the style of the fence whether the fence is private (having more slats and pickets) compared to semi private fences which have less slats and pickets and mostly transparent. The national average for fence repairs are the following: A 4 foot fence costs $212, compared to $215 for a 6 foot fence, $235 for 8 feet and $218 for a 10 foot height. Of course this leaves you wondering what is the fence made of? This  numbers quoted above are wood of course. But what kind of wood? This is yet another sub set of many areas for determining the cost of your fence.

What is the fence material made of?

Wood, Plastic, Vinyl, Chain-link, Cement, Wrought Iron.

The type of fence determines the cost per square foot. Also some other factors that will determine the cost of a fence repair include the overall linear length of the fence and also the height of your fence will help determine the cost of replacement panels, slats, and posts. Vinyl fence and Wrought Iron are typically the two most expensive materials because they are durable and have long life expectancy's. 

How Much Cement and Concrete?

Other factors include how deep the posts are cemented. 2 feet of the fence cemented is a standard and considered good practice for the majority of fence companies and helps the fence to be secure in most severe weather and high winds.

Screwed or Nailed?

Other factors that affect fence costs are if the fence is nailed together or screwed together. Fences that are screwed together last long but are more expensive. Nailed fences tend to need more repairs in the future. Also galvanized nails are more expensive than standard nails and are good practice in the fence industry since non-galvinized nails will rust and look bad in the future.

Fence Brackets and Future Fence Repair

Fence brackets and or the absence of fence brackets will also affect the cost of the fence bid. Fence companies that dont use brackets will most likley also be coming back in the following years to make money on those repairs as well. 

Cost can also fluctuate with how much concrete is poured into the fence post holes. Some fence contractors will skimp in this area and try to cut costs here by using less cement to secure the fence posts. If there is one costs you don't want to cut back on its this one. Spend the extra money and make sure your posts are secure. 

Treated lumber is more expensive then non treated. Some premium fence contractors use fences posts dipped in tar and or other types of fence post sealants to pro-long the fence posts life. These methods are more expensive but highly worth it.