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Khaki Vinyl Fence Patch Kit from Fence Daddy


Vinyl Fence Patch Kit (Khaki)

$ 47.99

A great alternative to buying vinyl fence panels, rails, slats, pickets, posts and fence parts!

For fast, effective repair of vinyl fence holes try our Khaki Vinyl Fence Repair Kit from Fence Daddy to repair up to three cracks, holes or damage in your vinyl fence with one kit. Even if your fence is private, semi private or just posts and slats Fence Daddy will do almost any vinyl fence repair with our khaki color matched composite compound. The kit's color-match repair compound is set to the original fence manufacturer khaki color specification and will make your fence look and feel like new and keep it color like the original fence. No painting required, no maintenance or fence dis-assembly it's just that simple! Fence Daddy will last for years to come.Your fence will look as good as new!

Vinyl Fence Repair Kit Contents

 What's Included:

Instructions For Use

(Two Pairs)  4 -Nitrile Gloves

Two 4 oz Jars Of Color Matched Fence Daddy Compound

Two Vials Of Fence Daddy Starter

120 Grit Wet/ Dry Sand Paper

Plastic Smoothing Spatula

Two Medical Grade Stir Sticks

(NOW COMES WITH TWO PATCHES)  2qty -7 x 11 inch  Fence Daddy Patches

Everything Needed To Get The Job Done!

Available Colors

Vinyl Fence Repair Kit Color Swatch Khaki

Note: Clay, Khaki and Adobe are the same color.

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     Key Benefits:

  • Repairs Multiple Fence Areas
  • Strong Composite Repair
  • No Need To Take Apart Your Fence
  • Repair Holds It's Color In The Sun (UV Stable)
  • Blends Into Existing Fence Color
  • Doesn't Need To Be Maintained Or Painted
  • Repairs  Vinyl Fence Panels, Posts, Slats, Rails and Pickets!
  • Looks Like Existing Fence (Wont Be Able To Distinguish Repair Area)


Vinyl Fence Repair with Fence Daddy
Posted by Fence Daddy on Friday, February 26, 2016


Easy As 1). Prep Fence 2). Patch Fence 3). Smooth Compound 4). Let it Dry 5). Repeat 6). And Finish by Sanding.

  • Anyone Can Do It !!
  • No Painting Required
  • No Need To Dig And Remove Your Fence Post
  • Saves Time, Money, Hassle
  • Free Shipping And 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! 

    Your Fence Will Look So Good You Wont Be Able To Find Your Own Repair!

Still Have Question's? Give Us A Call Now 1-801-830-6406 

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