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Earn Some Extra Cash?

Ryan Blake Send Us Pictures Of Your Broken Vinyl Fence

Fence Daddy Customers! Want to earn some extra pocket cash? Send us a picture of a damaged vinyl fence project! Yes thats right it can be a vinyl fence panel fence post picket you name it. This can be a repair you will be working on in the near future or just someone else's fence you think may be in need of repair.
 Also If you haven't used our Vinyl Fence Repair Kit yet give it a try and send us your before and after fence repair pictures for a chance to win $100 store credit or $50 cash which ever you choose.  
Please email it to us (fencedaddy@outlook.com) or post it here on the blog.
If you have used the repair kit in the past and you are doing a before and after picture please include detailed product tips and tricks. Videos are also welcome!  Your tips and tricks and fence damage pictures will be voted on by our customers to see who will win $100 dollars in store credit or $50 cash. Please be specific as possible.
We look forward to giving you some extra spending money. The winner will be awarded July 24th 2016 so get your postings, pictures and videos in today!

Thank you!
  • Comments and feedback always welcome!

  •  Please send us your before and after pictures.

  • Please send us pictures of your fence damage.

  • Send us a video (If you really want to win!)


Featured Product of the Month:

White Vinyl Fence Repair Kit

Matches your fence color/ Save time replacing vinyl fence panels and parts/ strong composite repair. Takes minute/ Doesn't need to be painted or maintained/ repairs multiple fence areas/ Wont require fence dis-assembly/ Anyone can do it.

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  • Russ on

    Fence Daddy. I did a repair this year on my beaten up vinyl fence. I had a few holes from the string trimmer. My recommendation would be to use a peace of mylar film to lay over the repair after the second coat of compound is applied it makes a perfect finish! thats my .02 cents. Pictures to come soon.

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