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Wood Fence Repair Checklist

Asses Fence For Fix Or Replacement

  • Does the posts or panel move more than 8-12 inches when force is exerted on the post on either side?  Yes (consider replacing post) NO (repair might be the solution look at using a Fence Mender to remedy the leaning fence).

  • Do the rails bend and warp? Yes (metal brackets might be a solution between the post and rail to help with the twisting or additional fence screws) No (keep reading).

  • Does the fence have discolored slats and pickets that look horrible and mismatched? Yes (Fence Daddy sun fade match coming fall 2018 might be the solution) No (leaving spare pickets out in the sun is an easy way to always have matching replacement pickets) another alternative is to paint or white wash, grey wash the fence pickets.

  • Does the fence have broken or rotted fence posts? Yes ( consider the a Fence Mender and or determine how many post are broken to see if its time for a new fence).  No (Make sure fence posts are treated upon installation).

  • Do fence panel sections line up with posts and are they coming apart? Yes ( panels can sometime be too wide if they are greater than 6 ft consider reducing the size of the panel and or adding additional fence posts. Hills and slopes also make for more fence maintenance in the long term when fence sections do not line up the way they should). NO (ask your fence installer to use step down the fence on large slopes and place posts more closely even though this is slightly more expensive. This will also help to stabilize fences during wind storms). 

  • Does the fence look rusty and beat down? YES (consider using galvanized and or decking screws that are coated instead of regular nails which will rust over time and drip down the fence. You can also consider a Grey or White wash on the fence which is inexpensive and looks great for a different look. NO (Power washing your fence is a great way to keep your fence looking new and they can be rented at Home Depot for cheap. Make sure you top coat it after to protect the wood that's underneath.

  • Is your gate about to fall off its hinges? YES (Look at buying a gate kit from Home Depot or Lowe's that offers a metal support backbone and includes the hardware. These gate kits allow your gate to swing true and straight while also allowing you to build the wood finish you want on top of the metal. NO (Lag bolts are a great alternative to hinges. Many gate kits already use lag bolts with a 90 degree bend to hang the gate which will allow the gate to be more durable long term. Fence wheel kits are also a good alternative for sagging fence gates.

  • Does your fence have broken rails? YES (broken rails can be easily replaced without having to take apart the fence panel in most cases. Make sure you use treated lumber an or protect it with some sort of finish to prevent rot from the elements). NO (broken rails secured by metal fence brackets stay in tact longer and allow the fence to move with the changes in weather).

  • More to come...