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Fencing Materials – Buy, Replace, Repair Guide for Homeowners

Compare Fencing Materials

Whether you choose wood, vinyl, chain link, or another fence type, you’ll want to understand the basics of fence installation so you can ensure it is designed and built correctly. With quality materials and proper construction your new fence will last for years to come.

  • Wood Fencing has a natural appearance, can be used to create curves, and allows more color choices with paint and stain. Approximate cost: $13-$19 per linear foot.
  • Vinyl fence is a reliable product known to last over 10 years without fading. Many new styles are available. Approx. cost: $25 per linear foot.
  • Aluminum is strong, long lasting, and widely available. Cost is approximately $24-32 per foot.
  • Chain link is strong and long lasting. It is also the least expensive option at approximately $12-14 per linear foot.

Looking to buy replacement parts?  Our fence repair products will fix holes, mend posts, and help with your fence repair project.  We offer insider access to top quality parts and repair – find fencing materials and installation help with fence caps, fence post menders, fence post Spikes, brackets, latches, and more.  

 Fence and Railing Parts

DIY Fence repair is easier than ever with online access to wood and vinyl fence parts, fittings, and every hardware part imaginable.  Today you have free do-it-yourself resources that show how easy it is build or fix a fence.  From building, bracing, or trussing a fence system you can buy the supplies you need from fencing experts online.

Looking to replace a broken vinyl fence panels?  Before you buy vinyl fence slats or  vinyl fence pickets  know the original manufacturer brand, and if you go with another alternative know that it may not install the same way. Always inspect the panel in person before you buy. For this reason we do not recommend purchasing pickets and slats online.

You can skip panel replacement altogether with our DIY Repair Kit.  Our fence repair products will fix holes in just minutes. Best of all, it’s a lot easier and cheaper, plus you won't need to dis-assemble the fence.


Post Hole Diggers

Removing old and setting new posts using concrete is the most expensive and time consuming wood fence post repair and requires you to auger dirt and dig post size holes in the ground and then replace the entire post.  A post hole digger tool is one of those tools that you probably won’t use that often but are essential to getting the job done. If you try digging a post hole with a shovel, your hole will be more wide than it is deep. This makes it especially challenging when replacing a broken post.

Post hole digger for setting or replacing a post

A cheaper alternative to buying or renting a post hole digger is using a Wood Fence Post Mender system from Fence Daddy.  It reinforces wood posts without having to dig it out of the ground. 

A post mender is a great alternative to replacing a wood fence post

 If you happen to have a vinyl fence and need to remove the post due to holes in the side of the post there are also solutions for those problems as well. Our Vinyl Fence Repair Kit can also repair vinyl fence posts without having to chip away at concrete and or use a fence post hole digger saving you hassle, time and money.


Fencing Tools

Shop industrial-grade fencing pliers, wire stretchers, post pullers and more to find the specialized fencing equipment you trust. Whether you're doing an install, upgrade or tear out, Fence Daddy has the fencing materials you need to maintain a durable, quality fence.  Shop products here