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Vinyl Fence Tips and Tricks

Vinyl Fence Videos

Ryan Blake Vinyl Fence Vandals

Please send us your videos Vandals Damage Fence In South Jordan Fence Daddy Demonstration

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How To Repair A Vinyl Fence Post Without Digging!

Ryan Blake Vinyl Fence Post Repair

 Repairing A Vinyl Fence Post (Without Digging!) The reason the Fence Daddy Vinyl Fence Patch Kit was created was to take the hassle and hard work out of removing broken or damaged vinyl fence sections. However, Fence Daddy had originally overlooked just how many of it's customers were using the repair kits not only for vinyl fence section repair as an alternative to using vinyl fence slats, pickets, rails, posts and panels, but also as an alternative to digging up and removing cemented vinyl fence posts.  Fence post diggers and augers are great tools for removing aged cemented fence posts...

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Check Out Our Vinyl Fence Repair Flyer!

Ryan Blake Vinyl Fence Repair Kit Benefits

Download A PDF Version of our Vinyl Fence Repair Flyer!   Our fence repair kit allows DIY'ers to easily fix and repair their broken fence for a fraction of the cost of having a fence contractor come do the same job. The best part is our kit is easy, much more cost effective and can repair many holes in minutes it really is a no brainier!  

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Easy Way To Repair a Vinyl Fence

Ryan Blake Fence Repair Made Easy by Fence Daddy

The Easy Way To Repair a Vinyl Fence DIY Vinyl Fence RepairThere are many articles out there and youtube video's showing the best methods for repairing vinyl fence. As you probably also know by now if you have tried any of them, that these methods do not work. The reason I know this is because I too have personally tried them all... Living on a golf course is not the best location for building vinyl fence, simply because the fence can't hold up to the golf ball blows that come daily. Yet that's what the previous owners of our house...

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Earn Some Extra Cash?

Ryan Blake Send Us Pictures Of Your Broken Vinyl Fence

Fence Daddy Customers! Want to earn some extra pocket cash? Send us a picture of a damaged vinyl fence project! Yes thats right it can be a vinyl fence panel fence post picket you name it. This can be a repair you will be working on in the near future or just someone else's fence you think may be in need of repair.  Also If you haven't used our Vinyl Fence Repair Kit yet give it a try and send us your before and after fence repair pictures for a chance to win $100 store credit or $50 cash which...

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