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Picking Plants to Complement your Yard

Brin Openshaw

Plants make a huge impact on your yard and the vibe it gives off. Here are a few quick tips on picking and placing plants to make the most of your outdoor space. 

First, determine how much work you actually want to do in your yard. If you don’t like spending a few hours a week weeding and mowing and clipping branches, don’t choose plants that will require you to do so. Perrenials grow back every year, while annual plants (you guessed it) have to be replanted annually.

Next, note key areas around the house. Take into account where your yard gets the most sun, where the shady areas are, and any hills or dips on your property. These things can help you choose which plants you need in each area. Bushes that need more shade probably shouldn’t be placed where it’s sunny 24/7, and vice versa with plants that need a lot of light.

Find a few different plants. These should be varied in height, texture, and color, but don’t go overboard. Most often, choosing three or four main plants looks best in yard design. Keep your budget in mind, as a lot of plants can be really expensive (especially when buying fully-grown plants). Look at your house design to inspire your choices. If you like clean lines and neat rows, find plants that can be kept just so. If you like a more leafy, bushy look, find that kind of plant. There are literally thousands of plants on the market, so you can find one that’s perfect for you and what you need. 

When you’re planting, try to layer heights in the plant beds, varying where the tall, medium, and short plants are placed. Keep in mind how tall plants will grow, as you don’t want any windows or cool house features to get covered up. Plant in odd numbers, as they usually look best, and keep the big plants away from your foundation to avoid any really nasty problems with your house in the future. 

Happy planting!

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