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Vinyl Fence Repair

Ryan Blake DIY fence repair

I have a few kids in the neighborhood that thought it would be funny to through some rocks through our fence and also a few of the neighbors fences. Needless to say they got away without punishment and we were left looking at Lowe's and Home-depot for a vinyl fence repair kit of some sort. We checked all of the home improvement stores but couldn't find anything for vinyl fence repair. I looked online also and didn't find anything except DIY articles and how to repair vinyl fence directions that looked to be bogus. I know the vinyl fence companies don't like to do fence repair's either because when I called them they all quoted me very high prices. Probably because they could be doing larger more lucrative jobs. Just when I was ready to replace the fence parts, there it was on the 3rd page of google I found the vinyl fence patch kit ( Needless to say no more fence holes. It would cost a lot more to buy vinyl fence parts. I was quoted $400 to fix my three holes. It was much cheaper than buying new parts and I didn't have to take my fence apart to replace the broken panels. Also one of the holes was on a vinyl fence post so I was happy I didn't have to dig it up either.  What a happy ending to what could have cost us hundreds of dollars and lots of time. Now if I can just find out whose kids keep doing this in our neighborhood we will be set!


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